McDonalds and the Philosopher’s Napkin

When I finished high school my first job was at McDonalds, an occupation many high school and university students have begun with. I envy those who went into retail as oppose to hospitality, the pay is around about the same, but the work is a lot less physical. That aside something I remember from my days a lowly register operator and french fry salter, something sticks out in my mind. This is something that people who’ve never worked in McDonalds might not realise until I point it out.

McDonalds has a policy regarding the number of napkins in a takeaway order. The rule, as I remember it, and still is, based on my recent visit to my local drive-through, is that for every food item a customer orders you receive one napkin. So in a standard Big Mac meal you receive two, one for the burger and one for the fries. Of course as you order more items that number grows.

Now I can understand why the policy exists but who honestly uses this many napkins? Has head office received enough suggestion to know not having napkins piss people off? I honestly feel like it’s a bit of a waste. I recently bought the 24 chicken mc’nugget deal for $10 (I think), good value I must say, I received two napkins, I suppose they figured the number of chicken nuggets justified an extra napkin. I got home, opened up the box and went to town, and yes, before you ask, I did feel guilty for eating the entire box. You know what happened to the napkins? They went unused.

So, to anyone who reads this, give me your opinion on the matter. Do you use the napkins given to you in takeaway bags? Do you think one per customer would suffice, or is one per food item a good policy?


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