Releasing the debut single

So two posts ago I mentioned the arduous effort put into releasing the debut single for my original band project, Dear Sol. So a little recap – The video footage was recorded at The Zoo in Brisbane, the original intention was to pay the sound engineer to record us, however since the renovation the venue had not been set up properly to record the audio. It was our fault for not checking in the first place really. Honestly, I could not have possibly been any happier with the Zoo, our debut show went down as well as anyone could hope for. The venue is fantastic and so are the people running it. I would recommend it to everyone, musician or audience. So we had to think on our feet. We booked a recording studio for 4 hours and had a mate of ours, Corey, record and mix us. Time was of the essence so we did a live recording, only vocal overdubbing, several times and mixed. We then sent the recording to our mates who handled the video, Anthony and Gabbie from Olloform Media and they matched the video to the audio. At last we come to the finished product. We had to think on our feet for this one. So here it is, our debut single and video clip, “Shiver”. Enjoy.

Our next show is tomorrow at Rics Bar, Brisbane as part of a Star Wars themed party. May the 4th be with you.

Event link:


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