Dear Sol – Band Project – Phase 1

Setting up at the Zoo (Brisbane)

This all started off several months ago on the 9th of February 2017, where we played our debut gig as Dear Sol. We honestly could not have had a better launch gig, we were the headline act at the Zoo (the Brisbane music venue) of all places. How many people get to say that about their first gig. The turnout was fantastic, blowing the required number of ticket sales (30) by an extra 18. The vibe was fantastic, we had an amazing time. Even our shy keyboardist who’s never been a huge fan of performing live said afterwards “that was actually fun”. Actually? In all seriousness I couldn’t have expected a better show.

DS Shiver - Single
Debut Single “Shiver” artwork

It was our intention to get a video done for promotional purposes while we had the opportunity to play on a large stage. However, the Zoo was going through a refurbishment and couldn’t record us properly. So we had to think on our feet for this one. We had the video done but we still needed the audio. It wasn’t until the 9th of April that we actually got a recording session done. Now this won’t be much of a shock to anyone who’s tried to record something before in an actual studio, studio time is not cheap, it’s even more expensive when you add the audio engineer’s fee. So we put some money together and got a 4 hour recording session and asked our mate to mix. We did several live takes of the song that will be our first single, “Shiver”.  4 hours seemed like long enough, but it wasn’t. We got there in the end though and have the recording done.

Setting up the studio

Suffice to say this was all a bit of an ordeal, it just goes to show things don’t always go to
plan and sometimes you need to think on your feet. We now have the video done and the recording done, and expect to release it within the next week in anticipation of our next show at Rics Bar (Brisbane) on May the 4th, that’s right Star Wars Day. Since not many people read this blog currently (probably none), so it’s not a big deal if I spoil the fact we’re going to play an arrangement of the Cantina Theme.  Should be a cracking show.



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